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Avoiding The Issue

I finished the strip with 15 minutes to spare, and of course I forget to upload it. XD

*covers head with a pillow*

It was done on time, I swear. People watched me finished in the art stream! XD

*throws it up 30 minutes late*


Yep I can vouch for Liliy she did get it done on time. But she was so happy with her achievement of getting it done with time to spare that she got so distracted and forgot to upload it (I don’t know, but I do know it was done on time) XD.

Security seems a bit creepy in that last panel. Just the way he asks Mordred about why he’s in such a rush to deal with he jelly problem, and his facial expression creeps me out.

Back on earth…
Arthur: Oh no something terrible has happened to my dear brother. I just know it.


Careful Mordred, you’re becoming a hero~


He might just be! Really, though, I think he is mostly bothered by the fact that someone has stolen his property-er, orb thingy, er, Bliss- and tampered with her. If you really want to see Mordred turn hero, though, just try stealing his beloved mini-pumpkin-colored scarf. Yikes!


Mordred is unfazed by the implications of your question, Security. Your uniform may be TARDIS blue, but you need a decent sonic screwdriver to dramatically point at stuff with before you can go around pretending you’re an alien time lord. Just saying.


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