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Avoiding the Issue

Ha ha. I like today’s strip. Though it almost didn’t make it up on time. Too distracted by things like WAM’s awesome new archive page. Yeah, you heard me. I split WAM up into Volumes and Chapters. :D It’s so cool.

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“Take a Bow” by Muse



I’m betting Mordred wishes he’d never said anything now, ’cause you know Wiglaf will find out eventually. XD

And Madam Garrott must be pretty hardcore to like someone that’s constantly assaulting her children. Or maybe she just doesn’t care much for her children. XD


Mordred’s and Madam Garrott’s reactions have just made my day. I’m waiting for the twins to make a scene, though I doubt Madam Garrott would stand for it.

I have much love for this comic, and count the hours until updates.

What will happen when Wiglaf finds out about Mordred? Will Driver ever look like a female? How has Mordred’s scarf not completely dissintergrated after so long? The suspense and possiblilties are killing me XP.


-scrunches eyes to better see strip- Mordred looks a bit different…Actually, everyone but Driver does…Hmm.

I like Madame Garrott. -nods- She’s awesome.

-goes to see archive page-


I like the indicators showing Mordred dashing off and running. XD And it’s quite amusing when Wiglaf responds so casually and genially to Madame Garrott’s inquiry, and after that, when Madame Garrott finds him so appealing for his lack of shame. XD


And so the insidious delight that is Wiglaf begins to work its way into Mordred’s family… I love it. :love: Then again, I suppose turnabout will be fair play. :*( And, “Sweetie”? I now know upon which of your favored villains you based Madame Garrott, Liliy.

Interesting progression of expressions on Mordred’s face through this one.


Well, feel free to share that information with the rest of the class- The Madame Garrott fans would appreciate. (And ’cause I’m coming up with a blank. XD)


Lawl, silly Mordred. And :lol2: “You friend has no shame, Sweetie….. I like ‘em”

…. and…… urg, Madame Garrott looks a little too old/thin in that last panel. I mean, I know she must be older, but in your style her cheek bone really sticks out, more than the others. No big deal, just kinda freaked me out for a second.


Ugh, sometimes I want to force Mordred to take Driver out on a dinner date. Except, like, it could NOT end well.

Last panel made of funny. :)


Ha ha, you’d have a hard time convincing him it was a date at the very least. They eat dinner together all the time. :cool:


Again, alot of emotion from Mordred in this page, which is unusual and alway funny, especially when he does something so out of character like that. To completely change the subject. It doesn’t seem like him to tell the truth.
And Wiglaf and Madame Garrott, so fun, XD


“I never even heard her say that about Dad.”

You realize, of course, that you’ve just inspired plot bunnies for a Mrs. Garrot/Wiglaff fanfic…


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