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Azrael Has Flyer Miles

I love the background today. I love how the noise filter actually looks like dirt.

I also use the noise filter to make glitter.

And lots of other things.

It’s probably my favorite fill effect. :D

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Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Rose” by Bette Midler


Love the way that Grace is curling around Azrael.
Also, if I was them… I’d take the pillow no matter what the next move was going to be. XD


i don’t want an orb that makes me happy I would want the pillow because that is much more useful for me.


Poor Azrael and Grace… I do wonder how they’ll feel if/when they get the orb. The BG is wonderful, btw; where’d you get that swirl pattern? XD


Well they did hitch a ride with a dragon, didn’t they? Although I don’t know if Wiglaf and Mordred did get it first… Maybe it was already gone.

I think Grace is totally jealous of the Orb.


I also think grace is either totally Jealous or is the ex of Bliss or Bliss is the annoying sibling.

I still think Bliss is an all-powerful but all self-absorbed annoying type crystal ball. But that’s just me. I have been known to be wrong before.


XD Amazing! Truly amazing! I agree. It seems like Grace hates bliss to much to just be a ‘know the guy’ thing.


That background with the tunnels and the bones is great. You really have to wonder why Grace is so obsessed with that darn orb. XD

That Menage comic from the links page sure has some fun stuff. :D


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