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Azrael Just Noticed

Wiglaf doesn’t like blood, you know. So he got rid of it. Using his perfect powers.

Mwa ha ha ha.

NOTICE: I’ve got family coming to visit soon, which means my time to draw WaM is going to be limited. Decided to make things easy and just try and spread things out instead of taking a week hiatus. As such, there will not be a strip the next two Fridays. However, there should still be a strip up Sunday & Wednesday. Good? Good.

To repeat: No strip Friday.┬áSo I’ll see you Sunday! :D


Didn’t this comic used to have a tagline along the lines of “all of the teasing, none of the pay off”? GET THAT PAY OFF AZZIE. DO IT FOR THE FANS!


I’d be more curious to find out if, since Brat “reminded” Wiglaf to actually win instead of being on par with Boss…..

…for that, would Mordred be willing to tolerate her fangirling over him for more than two seconds? (I mean, he’s not nearly that nice normally, but just for now?)


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