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Azrael Misses The Uniform

Azrael is becoming impossible to write for. The loser. XD But on the other hand, I really love this outfit he’s wearing. Ha ha.

But, YES. WaM’s up on time. :D

So happy. <3

And I’m happy with it! :D YESSS.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Lullaby” by Nickelback


this is funny and sad to me at the same time.
Your rival helps you with emotional changes =)
Your RIVAL helps you with emotional changes =(


I don’t know, Wiglaf and Azrael seem to have moved on to frenemies since they found Bliss. They fight less often, and seem more prone to talk like friends when they’re together. Honestly they’re a couple of steps away from a normal male friendship.


Hes not a loser, hes a guy whose lost his identity and place in the world, reminds me of zuko from avatar the last airbender


Heh heh, Wiglaf makes a pretty good therapist. It takes a lot of patience to listen to someone who is also your rival.

Azrael’s anxiety over his changing role in the world is, of course, understandable. He’s had to change a lot of the things he was used to doing. And I like how he expresses the fact that sometimes the changes feel good and sometimes not-so-good.


XD Therapy session.

Wiglaf knows what he’s talking about. He has to get used to the fact that his family is not as normal as he though it was…and Mordred’s new dog.
I’m surprised he didn’t bring it along considering how attached to it he is.

Also where’s Bliss?


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