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Azrael Trumps Population Control

Tried something new today. :P Third panel’s my favorite if you’re curious. :wow:

This strip is in response to many people asking me “How come Azrael gets to take Grace on the plane but they left Camlann at home?”

The answer? Azrael’ll kill everyone if they DON’T let him take his sword. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Check Yes, Juliet” by We the Kings :$


It’s a good thing Sister Bystander got control of the situation– Security wouldn’t do anything even if Brother Bystander DID call him. And the rest of the airport security team would obviously look to their old leader for guidance.

I really enjoyed the different viewing angles and organization of this one. Very nice work with the foreshortening in panel 2 and the long perspective in panel 4, Liliy.


Well, I’m not sure. I’m sure Security might do something if he was called…might not be effective, but I’m sure he’d at least show up. XD


More on the order of, “Oh, hi, Azrael! Are these two bothering you?”, then. :|

XD So if Azrael killed all the witnesses and paperwork filers when they confiscated Grace, does that mean he’s never been to trial?


Never even got him into the courtroom. :|

And I like to think Security would escort the other two out. he has to protect the people, after all. :P


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