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Azrael’s Lucky

Azrael is indeed Lucky to not only a) be unconcious, but to b) have three ladies dedicated to keeping him breathing. XD Feel the love.

I like today’s strip. But then again, I like anything with Sedrick. He’s my favorite character out of the cast. And he definitely got the best line out of today’s strip. Don’t you think?


Sedrick looks…. pretty. *Confused.* And yes, he DOES have the best line! :D Now, what’s Arthur concocting that requires the aid of a t-square?


You’ve gotta love Sedrick’s constant exasperation over the incompetence all around him. His remark about the fifth grade definitely got me laughing! And good gesture you gave him in panel five.


I like Arthur’s swivel chair.

Sedrick x Sigrdrifa (I know it seems like a random couple, but I like them together for some reason)


Pretty? XD He doesn’t look any different to me, you’ll have to elaborate Ms. KGJ.

And Jeesh, that yellow bg is way too bright on a windows monitor. Ha ha, oops. Gotta fix that later today. XD


In all six panels Sedrick’s hair is fluffy and flowy. In panel three he has a long and elegant neck. He’s not hunching over. He’s in a color that is really good for him.

Sedrick looks… pretty. *Still confused.*


Ha ha, Sedrick’s never hunched over I don’t believe. XD He’s just a good head and some shorter than everyone else. :D


I want to know what happened in fifth grade? What happened? I sense it involved dragons and spillage of the pure evil that is inside Mr. Garrott……


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