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Should shave stopped one sentence earlier Mordred. One sentence earlier.

Moving on.

I had to resort to google translate for the Swedish thanks to my inability to plan ahead and ask someone who actually speaks the language. If it’s wrong – let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP. *thumbs up*


It’s been a long week. XD That is all.

Edit: Fixed the typo. >.> Well, it wasn’t completely a typo as ‘drivel’ is an archaic form of the word ‘dribble’ but whatever. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:
“I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy
(Love this chorus).


Goggle? I’ve never heard of a website named goggle. Is it any good? :p

Oh Bliss, it’s like, insult me fine, but don’t dare insult my clothes. Mordred, you are going to be in so much trouble and you deserve it for making Bliss cry like that)


yep, Oh look Security’s back yay. Like I said we need Security he’s been gone to long.Hmmm maybe Wiglaf’s dad called him. Poor Bliss yes she is annoying but that doesn’t mean you insult her. You made her cry and then pis her off.


I’m not sure, but I think you want “krävande” instead of “behövande”


I don’t speak any Swedish but I input both into google translate and came up with this:

Du är så behövande = You’re so needy
Du är så krävande = You’re so demanding

Both work and make sense, it just depends on Wiglaf was trying to say. Going on what Mordred said though, telling him to pay attention to him, ‘You’re so needy’ seems to make a bit more sense.


No matter how bad the outfit is, never insult or mock a woman’s choice of clothing where she can hear you. It will only lead to PAIN!

I would have thought Mordred would have known that, since we know who his sister and mother are.


Then again, not knowing exactly how Bliss came into being as she is, maybe the clothes just happened and she can’t change them.(remove them yes, change no)

And after many tears and years, she just decided, “They work” and avoids thinking about it. But it does still tick her off to have someone believe she picked out the outfit.

PS. I love Bliss’s outfit. And her hair!


You had her browbeaten and cowed.
You would have had her being less jabberish and more coy.
But then you had to top it with a jab about her clothing. You sir are an idiot – and I really really want to see what she did to him – maybe she demonstrated one of her magical abilities? Well either that or yanked his shirt down to his elbows or Panted him.

No no, I got it – His hair is Pink again *squeeee*


Not a good idea to ridicule Bliss’s clothing. She probably takes a lot of pride in her elaborate Victorian garb. XD

Great to see Security back! He may be needed to help defuse tensions in Wiglaf’s house and in the Garrott house.


Eggcorn in panel 4 – I think you meant “drivel.”

Security! Yeah, I bet Vilhelm called Security.


Yes, “drivel” is the word you’re looking for. Its meaning suits the sentence much, much better. I suppose it’s not necessary to correct it, though.


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