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Back On Track

I’m a loser. I know. Ink/Color/Etc later this evening.

I’ve been highly distracted by new toys & a new phone.

That’s right. I got a Droid. I love it so much. Who cares if my dad thinks I’m a traitor (him and his iPhone…). Point is – Love.

But, as I said on twitter – I could just be suffering from shiny new toy syndrome. We’ll see how long before it wears off and it’s just a useful tool.


Edit: I need to catch up with my comic reading. XD Driver had a cameo over at Cerintha. Mwa ha ha ha ha.


(1st comment! whoo!)
Oh, man, I really can’t wait till this whole crazy party does finnaly get to Geoffry and he’s all “Leave my wife? No, I’d never get custody of my darling little boy. Thanks, but no thanks, my loyal Horatio. Cookie?”

xD It’ll be EPIC.


Cookies… they are always quite good. Poor Mordred. he actually has to move himself to get himself away from his father… who wishes to kill him and his lacky! (well or at least do unspeakable acts of violence that don’t quite kill either of them) And hey! they run now! :P


RE: Droid —>

RE: Comic

Me: Cookies? Are they diabolically evil, mind-controlling, addictive DOOM cookies for taking over the entire world?
Geoffry: No.
Me: Oh. Then are they biological- and chemical-warfare cookies carefully baked with a handful of poison chips each to take over the entire world?
Geoffry: No!
Me: *Frowns.* *Brightens.* Oh! Then are they–
Geoffry: NO! They’re just plain cookies!
Me: Why would Janus bake cookies? That doesn’t make sense.
Geoffry: *Walks away from the question.*

With all the running Mordred is doing, next time he’ll be able to climb the mountain himself! :D


Increased physical exercise is a fringe benefit of acquiring a lackey. XD

It’s amazing how quiet everything is for Geoffry at the moment, considering all the commotion in the house. People are getting chased all over the premises, people are fighting in the hallway, terrible acts of violence are being perpetrated…and meanwhile, the main thing on Geoffry’s mind is his wife’s cookie baking! :happy:


Well keep in mind that this is a big house, They may be no where near where Geoffry is, or since this is a super villain house hold with most, if not all, there lackeys hanging around, the commotion may be common place around there. :D


So where IS Janus? :raisebrow: I predict wailing and the gnashing of teeth when they finally meet up with her. I know I get pretty irritable after I burn something tasty.


Maybe she’s watching the carnage in the lobby? Seems like it would be worth watching. =)

Or maybe she’s just baking cookies and doing housy stuff. Everyone has to SOMETIME!


As wonderful as Geoffry’s last line is, the question that has all ready been brought up(where is Janus) still stands; But I think that the more important question at the moment is where is little Safir? He’s obviously not with his Grandfather, Janus is MIA, and Geoffry seems to be alone. I don’t think it is safe to have a little kid running around with everything else that is going on! Case and point–Hnaef.

I hope the kid can run fast. 0_0


I’m pretty sure everyone in that mansion knows not to mess with the Master’s Grandson. They’re all insane, not suicidal. :D


I love the backgrounds!

I suppose even Mordred has to run from his father when his father is in bad-ass mode? XD ‘For his health’ indeed.


I think I may have realized the real reason behind Mr. Garrot’s reaction… He want’s some of Janus’s cookies & he ain’t gunna let no puny humans get ahold of HIS cookies!

Nooo… It’s 3:14 and he want’s him some pie! :lol2:


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