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Back to the Program

Color later tonight (Friday). Some things came up ranging from getting home late, to being in a concert all week, to needing a shower and some other things that took priority so you’ll have to do with an ink for now. Apologies!

On another note, Lancelot’s hair is fun to draw. It’s all wavy and stuff. Oh! And there’s a bunch of new fanart up if you care to check that out.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sugar Sugar” by The Archies


Ah, dang. It was your next symphony concert this week, wasn’t it? *Kicks self.* I meant to attend. Sorry.

*Chuckles.* Lancelot looks woozy… I can already see hearts and bubbles floating around his head. He might even be hearing bells. “Chuch bells may ring/And surely darling the angels will sing./I’ll tell you darling,/You’re the queen of my throne./You should have known, sweetheart.” –The Diamonds. :cool: Too many great songs fit his situation right now.

Hurrah for strips with TWO punchlines!


Oh, no. XD I already had my concert…it was a couple weeks ago. Sorry; I didn’t tell anybody about that one. …heh.

This week is my church’s easter performance. It’s all this week. :)

Yes…ha ha. Two punchlines. *yawns*


While we’re on the subject, why doesn’t Driver like Lancelot? We’ve already seen that she’s willing to date people other than Mordred, and that she hasn’t had much luck with romance before, and Lancelot’s not THAT bad looking.

Not that it’s unrealistic or anything, I’m just genuinely curious. What is it about him that makes her disinterested?


He’s not Mordred?

And dating as in going out with different guys for fun once in a while isn’t a commitment. Lancelot wants the long haul and she’s reserved that for one guy. :D


Heh heh. Mordred has an odd definition of “Anywhere is fine.”

I can imagine what Lancelot may have done back in high school. He probably planted himself on Driver’s front lawn outside her bedroom window with a stereo system playing romantic music and a book of romance poetry to read from. I bet Driver tried to throw a few heavy objects at him, and her fury only increased his affection for her. XD :lol2:


One thing about late colour updates, it really emphasizes the beauty of them when they appear. I’m always pleasantly surprised how GOLD Wiglaf’s hair is. And how …. pink Mordred’s is. *Sob*


Ainsley is such a beautiful name (I wish I knew how you chose it) that I declare “Annie” a travesty attempting to destroy the poetry of our fair language. So, Driver, pummel him with something blunt and heavy, then destroy him with fire and take the seeds to Mordred yourself. It is the only way …


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