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Back Up The Talk, Boss

They’re about to have a battle so epic it’ll probably be off panel.


“They’re about to have a battle so epic it’ll probably be off panel.”

(Okay, yes, intellectually I know it may be a good call to put the action off-screen, letting the audience use imagination to fill in extra awesomeness… but I was so hoping to see a late-90′s style Hercules/Wiglaf vs. Ares/Boss throwdown.)


Sooooo I have to question:
Did Wiglaf mean to say “immortality’ll cover up failures that way?” Or was it intended to be “immorality?” If it is the latter, is he implying that Boss’ lack of a moral compass allowed him to kill anyone he lost to in a previous fight, or that Boss is so immoral that he cannot see his own failures? (I don’t think the second version works very well there, I’m guessing it’s a typo and Wiglaf said “immortality.”


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