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Bad Chemistry

Lake got bored over there all by herself.

I’ve got too many people in one place again. When will I ever learn!? *thinks about everyone else at this Lake*

Also! I have a lot of family visits over June & July, so WaM might be missing a strip here or there for the next couple of weeks of updates thanks to being busy. But I’ll let you know here if I skipped a day or not. Case in point: No strip Friday!┬áThere’ll be one Sunday though. Thanks!! :D


It just occurred to me that if they ask Lake, she might be able to remove those stiches from Camlann’s mouth. If she can’t do it alone then maybe she and Camlann could use both their powers to remove them. Something! Though it does seem he’s getting used to the pain of them.


Oh my – removing the stitches would make the arguments soooo much better.

Camlam / The Lake: I hate you!
Camlam / The Lake: I hate you!
Camlam / The Lake: Stop it!
Camlam / The Lake: You’re infuriating!
Camlam / The Lake: *Aaaargh*
[peanut gallery shouts out various unintelligible comments]
Camlam / The Lake: [Glare at each other till their noses touch]

[The rest has been censored due to its graphic nature. The observant reader can surmise the nature of the interaction based upon the participants former relationship and interactions]


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