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Beats a Brother Complex

I’m literally falling asleep while I type this…I cant’ believe I got the text on this sketch. O_o Oh lookie~ Color.

*giant yawn* This weekend off thing has really thrown me out of whack.

Oh, and I find links to WAM in the oddest places. Geoffry was used as an example for stokholm syndrome over at Skin Horse’s forums. Definitely made me laugh. XD

*passes out*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Under the Gun” by The Supreme Beings of Leisure


Wiglaf is so abused; you’d think he’d realize he doesn’t get a say in the matter. XD So… do we get to see Horatio beat up Mordred? While Wiglaf holds Driver back from killing Horatio? XD


I wonder what Wiglaf thinks of being someone else’s “ultimate weapon”? It may be flattering, but it’s also discomfiting. I guess you could say it’s a step up from being a “lackey.” XD

Horatio is getting riled by Mordred’s royal arrogance. Also, Horatio will have to watch out, because Driver may decide to deck him for verbally assaulting her man. XD


Regarding the comment today: Yeah, sorry, that was me who linked to your comic. I don’t know if I got the whole thing between Janus and Geoffry right, but I thought it’d be funny to call it stokholm’s syndrome.

I’m a big fan of the comic, by the way! I also endorsed it on the Skin horse forums a while ago… I really like your stuff and I know a number of my friends there are also fans.

Thanks for putting up such a fun comic!


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