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Because A Cat Will Help

Hey look! WaM’s up on time. Again. On a roll~

Oh, before I forget–again–Tomorrow (November 3rd) at Nekocon, me & the folks from Tamuran have a panel at 9:30 about long-format story telling for comics. Should be a fun time, and if you’re there–you should come see us! :D

Have fun.

Edit: I’m at Nekocon this weekend. XD So WaM’ll be up Sunday night at the earliest. Ha ha. My bad. Should have mentioned that. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!?”

Any of the openings. Any of them. Get at least one stuck in your head.


Oh Mordred, have you never had to train a puppy before?
Like my teacher says, God made puppies cute otherwise we’d kill them. So he’s either got to make the ‘honeymoon phase’ last for a year or be genuinely willing to train Grendel properly.
Maybe he’s to dogs what Arthur is to dragons….
eh, whatever. Now for inquiries! Because I’m weird and like to know stuff like this. What breed is Grendel? (I’m assuming a mix of some sort, but I was wondering if you had something specific in mind, or just went for what would be the most mind-numbingly cute) And how old is Grendel?


Grendel is supposed to be a year old Toy Pomeranian. Whether or not he actually looks like that is another story, but that’s the breed I had in mind/designated. XD


Typically toy Pomeranian are more round balls of fur than Grendel is, but he could have relatively short hair or be a mutt.


Not to mention the fact that pom’s tails are a lot shorter then Grendel’s, but that doesn’t detract from overall adorableness of the pup.


The sad part, is I actually know someone who’s always had one to three pomeranians at any given time. XD *is very familiar with dog* Heh.


Wiglaf’s right; Grendel is creepy. I could swear he’s getting bigger from strip to strip.

But my worries about his size are overwhelmed by that cute widdle face.


I wonder how Hissy and Grendel will get along. They’ll either be intense rivals, constanly fighting, or the best of bros, going on grand adventures with each other. :D


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