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Because of Bliss

Monologuing! Mordred just isn’t himself without one.

Oh Vilhelm, you sneak you.

Hmm. It’s fun how the circle goes around. In High  School i could never get enough of Manga and read everything I could get my hands on…now I’m desperate for the Wednesday DC releases and can’t’ remember the last time I bought a manga volume. XD Fun stuff.


Edit: Fixed the typo.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“We Did It When We Were Young” by The Gaslight Anthem


He’s addicted to Bliss!

And I’m still sticking my theory that after in someone’s possession for a certain amount of time the artefacts have some form of magic that makes their owner anxious when they’re separated. After all, if that happens, they won’t want to get rid of them/lose them.

I mean, just look at Azzie and Ben.


I laughed really hard after I read that last panel…it’s just…there are no words…Mordred monologuing is a wonderful thing, really. also, I love the song choice of today, its one of my favorites by The Gaslight Anthem.


Hooray for Mordred monologuing! XD

It’s really funny that Wiglaf knows Mordred so well by now that he can tell that this is one of Mordred’s better moods. XD


Third panel. I assume “bursh” is meant to be “brush”?

Also, I love the last two panels. There’s so much conveyed in that glance.


Everyone with my name is ungood: the Kaiser, now (as of last comic) Wiglaf’s dad. Well, maybe he’s good, but he’s still some sort of conniver.


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