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Because You Left Him On The Boat

So, a warning to all you out there – save your work. Save often. Save like you’re paranoid and your computer could die at any moment.

WaM is late today because while I did have a good half of it done before I headed off to the movies, I neglected to save and the power went out while I was gone. Thus…no more comic. So I started from scratch sometime after ten and well. Here you go. Fear not. It’s the same comic; I just redid it.

Speaking of movies. Dinner for Schmucks. Much better than I was expecting. It was really sweet & I do believe I got choked up with a rather bright smile during the “Tower of Dreamers” scene. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite funny too ( “You’re being audited!”) but I was surprised to see the more serious story in there, too. It was nice. (And Christopher Pike from Star Trek was the evil corporate owner – that’s just worth seeing. XD)

And the soundtrack is amazing. I had to buy it. *listening as she types* ( “Mouse World” is a favorite.)

Oh! And I remembered what I was going to link to. XD

WaM’s TVTropes page now has sections for crowning moments of awesome, funny & heartwarming. However all three pages are empty. Please edit them~ Purdy please? And if you don’t know how…email me or something and I’ll add them. XD

Last but not least – TGT Tournament is still going on. So go vote vote vote!

Whoo hoo~ Long blog today. Hurrah? XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Dear Laughing Doubters” by Sondre Lerche (Just go listen.)


How can Mordred read while driving the back country in a jeep like vehicle? Is Wiglaf just a super-driver?


I’ve read while traveling the very bumpy roads of the Scottish Highlands… it just takes a LOT of concentration. XD Plus I’m guessing Mordreds got reading pretty much anywhere down to an art…


I’m waiting for Gawain to get several M16 clips to get emptied into him at short range by panicking security guards wherever him and Hagen are shopping, or for Wiglaf to stumble on some particularly clueless Shining Path guerrillas, it would be awesome if Liliy could manage to make that manga-plot funny.


Ummm… did anyone else notice the cover of the book Mordred’s reading?


It could mean something.

Or Mordred could be the type to pick up any book/printed material, and read it when bored enough and nothing else is available. I read a microwave manual once while waiting for a friend because there was no other reading materials/distractions around at the time.


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