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Because You’re Not Far Enough

Oh Security. I think Hildeburh might be a bigger issue than Geoffry for you. XD

I hope everyone had a good Holiday. Anyone actually miss me? XD

*thumbs up*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Humbling River” by Puscifer

Yes. I’m still listening to it. *so stoked for Fall of Cybertron trailer*


I was going to be all like, “HOMYGOSH I MISSED YOU.” when I saw the Ustream on dA and rushed over to see, but then everyone beat me to it.
Gosh, yes, we missed you and this.

And Hildeburh. XD


I’m happy about the update – missed you and WaM (still I think everyone deserves a break on their major holidays – so I hope you did fully enjoy the short time off).

And I love those Security-backgrounds. I think I can almost feel the summer breeze.


Oh have been greatly missed! Fortunately, we’re a patient lot and would have waited longer, if you needed. =)

Oh, Hnaef, you should listen to your big brother, because even though he grew up in a closet, he still knows people better than you do. You’re 12, and super smart, but book smarts doesn’t equal horse sense!!


Every time I hear someone extoll the virtues of “horse sense”, I can’t help but remind myself that horses have been known to run *into* burning barns. Horses aren’t necessarily stupid, but they do tend to be high strung (especially genetically stagnant breeds like thoroughbreds) and prone to panic in certain situations — which can make them dangerous to both themselves and their handlers. Hildeburh strikes me as being just a bit more rational than that.


There are times when horses are smarter than humans because they know how to use their instincts. Humans got used to only using their forebrain and not their hindbrain so much. I suppose, in my head, horse sense can be equated to street smarts, or the ability to survive by wits and your gut instinct.


I missed you and this comic ever so terribly, so I had begun rereading it for the 5th?/6th?/7th? time.

I hope you had a nice break! =D

Also, Hildeburgh is the most adorable older brother ever. I want one. *squee* =^.^=


Yes, I definitely missed you, Liliy! *thumbs up back*

Hildeburh’s concern for his brother is cute, and Hnaef is right to wonder why Sedrick didn’t try to break into the system. Security probably should get back to where all the action is in case someone needs his help again. XD


Ohmygod I just need Security to pop in on them now. Just like, NEED it.
(Lily, I missed you more than I miss air every time I read WaM.)


You’rebackyou’rebackyou’rebackyou’reback! *tacklehug*

You and your many crazy stories have been missed.
Hildeburh vs Security… Hildeburh X Geoffrey vs Security…these are things that must be considered.


Having only sparodic internet over Christmas was made less awful by the fact that I wouldn’t be missing this. Nevertheless, I missed WAM. <3

Considering that his older brother is apparently a terrifying fighter… run and keep running, Security.


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