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Beg For It


Ha ha ha; Azrael’e expression in that last panel is so great. They should give him some underlings to torture if they aren’t going to let him go after Wiglaf. XD


In addition to the things I mentioned last night, another reason I like it is because Arthur clearly defers to Sedrick. I think that’s classy.

Still, Mordred’s incompetence is funny to me. However, he has to remember that success is in how he defines his goals. Maybe he doesn’t want to pull off a job. Think about that, Sedrick!


Azrael, buddy, you just lost a potential fan. C’mon, here: going after galvanized steel six-in-one with a titanium-boned rapier? It doesn’t even matter if it would work or not, that’s just rude.

…has Sedrick not gotten the memo that Mordred successfully retrieved a magic sword? It may not be much, but that should get at least a little respe– Why am I defending Mordred?

Not certain exactly what you did with this installation that makes it so, Liliy, but the rhythm between Arthur’s hair angles and his lapel angles is really appealing during these panels.


How exactly do you strangle someone with a sword?
It seems nigh impossible!


Rapier’s are flexible, it wouldn’t be that hard, it isn’t like a broad sword or a katana(or anyother kind of sword for that matter) where the metal is stiff and doesn’t bend.


I just realized: Grace ALLOWED himself to be reinforced with titanium?? Somehow, I just can’t imagine that happening….haha


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