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Belts Are The Rage

The alternate title for today’s strip was “Taste of Their Own Medicine”

Oh, and awesomeness – according to this livejournal post someone at a panel at Arisia 2011 in the crowd recommended WaM as a comic people should be reading. That is awesome. I thank-you, whoever you are out there. XD

We’ll end on that since it’s such good news.

And Pair-a-Thon. Enter it~

“Song Listening Recommendation:
“To the Moon and Back” by Savage Garden


Now I *really* want to know what Éclat’s power is.

And, yes, people should read your comic, it is amazing. When I first found it I spent the rest of the evening reading it(disrupted once by the fire alarm).


“I wonder if this is how everyone else feels.”

Yes, Azzy that IS how everyone else feels. Or approaching it anyway. :D I love moments of self-realization. Like when he realized he was the boss. They make me happy.


Now the real question is if Azrael will take this opportunity to realize he may be better off without Grace. I think the odds of that are slim.


If by ‘slim’, you mean ‘borderline anorexic’, yeah. XD

But let’s face it, without Grace, Azrael is just another rather pretty guy. Take away the psycho sword (and with it his tendancy to talk to ‘himself’) and he’d kind of have to degenerate into a minor character through lack of anything else to do and no interaction with any of the other cast…


He still has the Garrott family as enemies, Generic Thief as a friend, The Valkyrie Sisters as worshipers and Wiglaf as a named enemy.

Well, I’ve just proved he can’t afford to give up the sword, he needs any advantage he can get when harder elements in the family come after him.


Grace is a rapier so of course he has a fancy hilt, though calling it a sissy flower sword was probably a bad idea.


You know, Grace has a point there. Look at people like Squall who wear like, 15 belts? They are definitively ‘in’.
And for whatever reason, my mind keeps calling Éclat adorable. >.>


Oh good job, you’ve just made me feel old. I remember when the embarrassing new fashion was teenage boys wearing their pants so low they showed rear cleavage like they were prison-queer and we’ve had so many other embarrassing fashions since then.
I wish the taste-makers wold try inventing a trend that doesn’t make me shake my head in shame at being part of the same species.


That gag about the artifacts arguing and their owners being able to hear only one half of the conversation is hilarious. XD I love how confused Azrael and Ben are, not knowing what is going on because they can only hear their own artifacts talking. XD


Huge eyes and small mouth makes Grace a scary sword.
And yes, I would also recommend this comic to people…. When I found this, I sear I read for a day straight, and then a few hours a day afterward till I caught up. I think that was during the Piano Concert Arc. :$
…….Also, watching talking sword-spirits makes onlookers confused onlookers. :wow:
*nodding sagely.*


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