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Ben Can Hear It, Though

This might be the first time I think Éclat has said Ben’s name.

This arc has finally started to get really fun. About time I got around to what I wanted to write in the first place. Ha! XD

And on a non-WaM related note, my latest book Fairies and Honey is now out! A novella running around 88 pages, it’s lots of cute fluff between Diana the Yogurt Shop girl and Harry, the Honey Store clerk who dresses like a honey bee. ;D I hope you guys get a chance to check it out!


Cal and Lake were humans!? How did they end up being inanimate object & body of water? It’s a total mystery.


Wow. Until you said that I did not notice the “again.”
Maybe he meant it in an “oh, it’s you again” sort of way? He didn’t seem to know anything about Camlann before he and Mordred retrieved him.


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