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Ben Hasn’t Replaced You, Wiglaf

Driver has become criminally cute. I swear. I think I left her out of the strips for a while just to stop staring at her. XD She’s adorable.


Anyway. Soon. All of them together and I have to keep track of a ton of people in one scene again. Hurrah. XD *throws confetti*

*sobs in a corner*

(None of WaM is scripted. I ad-lib every comic strip the day I sit down and draw it from the art to the dialogue/story. So when there’s a lot of people get involved, things get fun. XD Your insider tip to WaM if you didn’t know~)


Why don’t they just ask Hnæf? I’m not sure Wiglaf knows him (It’s been a while since we last saw the little vent-crawler) but Driver would!


because that information would be hella expensive if Hnæf even had any


True but the little scamp might be interested in something other than cash, like goods or services.

Hey quest time – it would be Zelda all over again XD


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