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Ben Should Take A Hint

Ben has no idea who he’s with, talking swords aside – he might not think that ‘I used to kill people for a living’ was just crazy talk in a few moments. XD

*pets Ben* Oh you poor little sap. Trapped in a house with a killer, a thief and women~

Also – last day to vote!! You get the Winners Monday!! :D (Edit: And by Monday – I mean Monday night. XD *forgot has to work all day*)

Winners Posted!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Haunted” by Taylor Swift


Poor Ben, it’s just not his day is it?
I like how Sváfa seems to be fawning over him though.

(Psst, I don’t think Grace would like to be left out of the page’s tags, do you?)


Take a hint to do what though? If he tries to escape it probably wouldn’t work well and if he were to start removing the belts on the sword that probably wouldn’t help more than it hurts either.
I think it’s a toss-up between if he should camp out with the monsters long enough to learn how to be one and if he should wait for an opportunity to walk off.


Poor guy, he probably just wants to disappear right now *hugs Ben* don’t worry dude you’ll make it out alright.
Ben: *shivers* Help me


Why would Azzie think they would be more excited?
It’s okay Ben! Look on the Bright Side of Life!
….The best you can.
Happy Valentines day!


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