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Benefits of Being Short

Sedrick is going to have to cough up an undershirt at this rate.

Arthur isn’t digging the shirtless look as much as I (and Sedrick) are. :P

And you know what? For once I’m not upset the strip is late. Usually I feel bad because it’s because I got distracted (focusing & keeping my attention on anything has gone downhill the past couple years) but tonight it’s late because I redrew that first panel a few times. Lol.

Me: “THERE IS ONLY ONE PANEL IT HAS TO LOOK GOOD” as I erased and redrew it. XD

Still not entirely happy but it looks so much better than the first attempt. XD

Thanks for reading!

Edit: I’m sorry guys. I haven’t been sleeping well this week and today was really busy (it’s been a stressful work week). Plus I know my brother and I are getting up really early to try and get some writing done at a coffee shop so I need to go to sleep soon. I’m taking some “me” time to calm down the old anxious mind and sleep. I’ll see you on Sunday. Until then, continue to enjoy this panel I’m still very happy with.


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