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Best Friends Forever

Arthur’s Pride > Logic.

Ha ha, poor Sedrick. You’d never think that Arthur was two years older. Though, you might believe that they’ve known each other since grade school. *pats them* Yay for childhood friends.

Oh, and I’ve made my final decision – Wiglaf and Mordred will be returning for strip 100. Which means, we’ve got 18 strips to go before their next arc.

So, I’ll be making a pin-up for strip 90 featuring the boys and since I’m feeling generous – I’ll let you guys pick what it’ll be about. :D Just choose one of the following and list it in your comment (and why you picked it – if you want. *nods sagely*). Have fun!

  1. Wiglaf and Mordred dressed as Cowboys. (Of course the Sheriff and the Town Outlaw)
  2. Science-Fiction theme. (Suggest costumes for the two of them.)
  3. Both dressed as French Maids.

Edit 7/31/08: Voting Ended! Cowboys Won! :D


Yay for one word answers

I vote for number one (although number 3 would be funny too, with Driver and Brat fangirling in the back ground)


Hehehe Good ol’ Arthur and his gargantuan pride.

Sedrick’s extended review of the illogic of Arthur’s position contrasts humorously with Arthur’s obstinacy. I have to wonder how they’ve stayed best friends for so long. Perhaps Sedrick finds Arthur’s pridefulness endearing.

I’m voting for #1–Cowboy costumes would be neat for Wiglaf and Mordred. And I agree with Ookaminokishi that it would be cool to have Driver and Brat watching in the background, if that were feasible.


Yay! I totaly agree with Arthrur’s logic.^^

I’d vote for #2, if I could think of an idea for costumes, but #1 would be cool to see.^^ Number 3 would be a little bit weird in my opinion, like the last pin-up you did of them.^^


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