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Best Served Cold

To be colored when I no longer have a headache. (Or when I get out of work…I apparently need to go in today (Sun). xD)

Security is allowed to be petty.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive


I giggled like a maniac when I read this strip. I need to be more careful about reading WAM in public places; I think people are starting to question my sanity.

Wait, I have sanity?

With Security around, who needs a chaperon?


Reading WAM is pretty bad for people’s sanity in general, probably. BUT IT’S WORTH IT! o_o/

Go security XD


Dag right. I giggled in the middle of a law court, and well, lets say i was laughing like a maniac when i got to the end.

The guards weren’t happy, but damn was it worth it! :happy:


XD People say that the best revenge is living well. Judging from Security’s gleeful expression, he seems to be living very well indeed. :D

I like all the amusing little bits here, like Janus shoving the cookie into Geoffry’s mouth and Janus wagging her finger at him.


um….did haenef know that whatever it is that held the icy water was up there somewhere? or is security just that good?


Given Security’s propensity for popping in and out of random locations, the fact that’s he’s teamed up with Hnæf, and Hnæf’s propensity for crawling about in the rafters, I’m thinking he actually popped over, dumped the water, and popped back.

Cause he’s just that cool.


O.O Security really holds grudges, doesn’t he? My respect for him has increased hundred fold…as well as my fear.


YEAH-HEA!! SCORE SECURITY!!!! I may make his face my avatar! XD

On a totally unrelated note, Liliy; A) Will you date my brother? And B) If you do a pin up for Thanksgiving, I’d DEARLY love to see you trying to explain Thanksgiving to the cast! Please?


But…but…he got Janus too…. I think he’s got a death-wish? o.o

And what about the cookies….? *depressed* I hope they survived…

Then again, she might blame Arthur for it.

Also: I love the last panel (and all the rest of them, but) Hnaef’s expression just wins. Will Security get a framed photo of his win, possibly?


He’s security. He doesn’t need a death wish because he’s so mysterious that Janus won’t find out for a loooooooooong time. If at all. Oh please randomly include this as a side comment later on!


Do all the Garrotts keep their rings on at all times?
‘Cause cooking cookies with rings is hard.

And why do Janus and Mordred have the same rings? Is it a family insignia thing?
(I’m too lazy to go and check if anyone else is beringed)


Usually they do.

Mordred has rings because Janus gave them to him. And Janus has rings because her mother gave them to her. :)


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