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Better Not To Risk It


*curls up in chair and sleeps*

“Lullaby~ Go to Sleep~”


Heh heh, Hildeburh doesn’t care at all if Hnaef thinks something’s weird. I guess life didn’t change much for him when he was locked in the closet since he still had all his games. XD

I like the perspective on the room in the first panel.


Hnaef looks so cute in a sweater vest!!!!…And I love Hildeburh’s nonchalant-ness…is that the word I’m looking for? Anyways, his ‘I care for naught’ attitude is amusing XD


i hope you realize that your comment have made some fan fiction author take the above comic and pair it with horrible incestuous sex.

I’m just wondering if Sedrick’s wife is the security chief from the female twin’s hubby company or the manager of that nice piano lady.


0.o i did not realize that that would happen *doh* I didnt even think that far ahead…well crap…I apologize to all those who lost their eyesight from reading said fanfics


You know, Sedrick’s treatment of Hnæf in that one page (you know the one) becomes just that little bit more disturbing when you realized that he’s been the kid’s father figure for who-knows-how-long…

Child abuse, anyone? ._.


Hmm. Consequences. Yes, those would, indeed, be dire.

There’s something a little odd about seeing Hnaef in an environment where it doesn’t feel like shadows are falling on him all the time. Especially now that his clothing makes him look like a little Sedrick clone, and shadows seem to fall on Sedrick regardless of environment…


My first reaction was, and I quote, “GOdric GRIFFINDOR that boy is TALL.” i mean, I know Hnaef is SHORT and hey, so is Sedrick, so I didn’t want to judge heights till I saw him next to Wiggy or something, but GOD. TALL.
Yeah, this IS prolly the first time we’ve seen Hnaef out of uniform! And I can’t believe he used to call Sedrick “Daddy”! AHAHA! that is adorable XD


Also, just realized that the first panel is exactly how I interact with my sister. She turns my adjectives against me ALL THE TIME. I FEEL YOUR PAIN HNAEF!!


Holy crap, they actually had familial feelings for Crazy Psycho One eyed Freak with a Gun?


*Needs to stop reading this comic on no sleep, lots of coffee, and rum…*


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