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Better Than Being Creepy

I don’t think I’ll actually be able to think of a reason why Wiglaf was giving Camlann a bath. It’s literally just fanservice.

But hey. I’ve done the same before. XD

Whatever. Driver’s hair is growing out. YAY.


How has Driver’s hair grow out that long while Mordred’s hasn’t really changed?


I don’t know how Drive’s grew out that fast, since, unless there was a time skip we didn’t know about, it hasn’t been that long in comic time since it was cut(like, I thought it was still the same day) and I didn’t think dye faded that fast.

Word of God said that Mordred keeps dyeing the the ends, which is why they’re still pink.


There was a one month time skip on page 1034. Driver’s hair grows quick but not that quick. XD

And yes. Mordred’s dying his hair that way now on his own. XD


I must have missed the time skip xD *goes back to check*
Oh yeah, there it is, right at the top xD I am blind.


Yay! It’s so cute on him. I wonder if it’s because he knows it looks good.
Or maybe it’s a declaration of friendship/kinship/emotional attachment to Wiglaf? He wears (or wore) that scarf Arthur gave him, and wears rings like Arthur Senior (I think another family member does, too, though I can’t remember who).


*peaks out behind door*…He was a sword until recently, he never learned how give himself a bath. *slams it shut and runs away*


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