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Better Than Drowning

Summer hours have started at work. XD This means I’m working from 7am – 5pm instead of 8am-5pm – so going to bed before midnight has suddenly become a smidgen more important. So sketch in morning and ink/color later at night might become the norm for the Summer. Just a heads up.

Though today I get to blame trying to finish this sparkly explosion I started on Monday night as fanart for Tamuran. Trying to draw more fanart for my favorite comics. XD EE & TM have gotten the bulk of it so far.

The point is – something got drawn/colored/finished tonight. XD yay!

The polar bear above is a request of my Dad. Just so you all know~

Edit: Up in color. Now those first three panels make a tad more sense. Oh – and I forgot to mention it but Grace did get a cast page finally. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Flying Without Wings” by Westlife


quickly tie the polar bears together with your hair and make a raft … there is only one bear you say? you both have short hair you say? …. well I’m outta ideas. maybe its actually Wiglaf’s pet? (first one to comment)


Is it a bad thing that I really wanna hug the polar bear? It’s so cute and must be lonely on an iceberg by its self!


Say… Do you think Wiglaf can take a polar bear in a one on one fight? I mean, I’d say yes if he had a sword on him (The guys dang near indestructible) but without one… I’d give him 5:1 odds. :happy:


I sent Liliy this link as a suggestion for how the iceberg may be drawn with Wiglaf and Mordred hanging on. This was not a suggestion to add a Polar Bear. That being said if Edgar Rice Burroughs can have Tarzan riding a Triceratops in his adventure books then Liliy can certainly have a Polar Bear in her adventure comic. Maybe the bear was washed over the side of a passing circus ship by the same wave that got W&M.


You sent me the picture of the polar bear with the phrase “Model for next WaM” – there was no link – so there! :P


Correction, I sent Liliy the picture from the above link. :D That it would be W&M hanging on and not a bear was implied due to the southern hemisphere location.

Liliy really needs to polish up those mind reading skills.


“…I still hate you though.”

That made me bust out laughing. xD

Ooh, bear…yikes…just one bad thing after another, huh? ^^;


“I still hate you though” brilliant! Especially considering how sweet the last comic ended. One thing though, when Wiglaf says “I’m certainly not” should it not be “certainly not” or “I’m certain you shouldn’t”? Or whatever


*looks* No, it’s right. XD Wiglaf is stating that he himself is certainly not intending to turn around and look. :D


My favorite part of the page is Wiglaf’s smile in the third panel – it speaks volumes about both of them. I like the serious, dramatic touch to the story when they’re faced with certain-death-probably. :)


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