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Big Daddy

I’m sure you all remember the video, don’t you?

*evil laughter*

(And you’ll get yer’ color when ya’ gets it! :(  )

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Nothing’s Changed” by The Calling


=D *starts playing the adam’s family theme*

It’s like lurch! But a crazy woman’s husband! XD

Liliy… one of these days I’m going to check this comic and die of laughter.


(long time lurker – first time poster :] )

…This arch is getting worse and worse for our villains/heroes/whatever they are. I LOVE IT! :love:
Although, “little new blonde boy”, she said? 0_0 Isn’t Wieglaf blonde as well? :shocked: Why do I get the feeling that there’ll soon be a case of mistaken identity? :omg:


Hurrah, I was hoping we’d meet the guy named in the video! “Ricky the Team Killer”…XD I wonder how Galen met him. Either way, a giant like him must be handy to have around the house. He must do a lot of the dirty work while Galen performs experiments. XD

Disheveled, angry Galen in panel 2 is very funny. XD


Actually one of Liliy’s Upstream sketches on Deviantart shows the Courtship of Ricky. It’s…sweet in a sadistic way XD


So Ricky the Teamkiller has some sort of a possessive thing for Hagen, huh? That’s going to be interesting. I guess I’ll have to wait for the color to see what sort of a possessive thing it is.

You’ve been getting more and more creative with your panel arrangements, Liliy! :D I ADORE panel four.


After all, “Big Daddy” could mean just about anything. Especially given Liliy’s enjoyment of the forties, yes?


Based on the last panel I assume Ricky is Hagen’s Dad and thus the SO of Galen


You know Liliy best, but given the demi-Slavic unstable genius femme fatale angle she seems to be playing up with Galen, I wasn’t sure that “darling” meant anything. I’ve seen them use “darling” in a condescending, “oh, aren’t you just the cutest thing” manner to sons-in-law before, in movies.
You’re probably right, though.


Dun dun DUN!

Should be interesting to see when this storyline collides with the one in the front hall. Or when the elder Garrotts step in =)


Galen the sadistic doctor and Ricky the team killer; who’d a thought… XD Love the first three panels; so much blood. And that last panel. Ricky looks like a big fella’. XD


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