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Bird Doesn’t Lie

Lancelot does not speak for the entire scientific community. XD

Tensions are arriving for Bliss and Driver. I think we should all be happy Driver can’t hear her. XD

Nekocon in a little over a week! So excited! :D

Edit: Bliss has the right dialogue bubbles now. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry


I do believe that Lancelot is kinda correct…that 90% failure is what generally spawns that 10% success (=^.^=)…i think. anywhoodle love on the Bliss/Driver conflict…even if Driver can’t hear her…(that’s probably a good thing)(=-.-=)…and what bird? (=~.~=) oh and are you doing a halloween strip for sunday?


Fream, what sort of a word is Fream?
I suppose it’s the closest Bliss’ll come to a swear word as she seems to, nice to say anything bad(I mean, she it Mordred earlier for being rude).


Google using “definition: fream” and Urban Dictionary didn’t give me anything I believed, anyone else have a better answer?


The only one that even remotely made a little sense was this one-
Someone who doesn’t fit in, an outcast or outsider. 1950′s slang.


That would be the one.


It’s not nice to make fun of typos in Urban Dictionary like that. That said, I would be lying if I denied saying worse things often. :D


How is it a typo?


The actual word is freak, which is still in use in many places. It comes from the profession of circus freak, folks whose careers consist of making display of real or fake deformities like being a bearded lady.


It’s not a typo. >.> The actual word is ‘Fream’ with an ‘M’ – 50′s slang for someone who doesn’t fit in. As seen here for one example.


hmm. Well i do know the bird reference, As in i heard it from a little birdie?

and Fream… sounds frumpy and manish… kinda like driver!

either that or a horrible lovecraftien style terror sent to drive fear and terror and pain into the souls of midgets.

Midgets and kittens.


did anyone besides me notice the fact that Bliss’ speech bubble was just like everyone else’s. does that have any significance or is it accidental??


If that was intentional, that would mean Bliss no longer talked solely as a spirit, and that would mean she would talk as a normal character, and THAT would mean they could all hear her. Including Driver. A very mad Driver.

Oh, and I may soon be switching from Firefox to Google Chrome or even… Internet Explorer. *shudders* If for the only reason that it took a whole WEEK for it to update one. Single. WaM. Comic.
:lol2: / :*(

PS Do these comments support HTML tags such as italics? I hate using all-caps to prove a point.


Bliss remains awesome and cool looking, nice perspective change on the exchange there too!

Also, youtube used to have some really great Songsmithed versions of I Kissed A Girl. Haven’t checked in a bit so they may have been gobbled up, but some were pretty good. Worth a listen =)


Oh wow. You mean I actually got caught up? Cool beans.

I love Bliss. I really do. Not more than Wiglif or Mordred, but she’s gettin’ up there. She makes me laugh.


I’ve noticed something, Mordred’s rings keep changing which hand they’re on, on most pages they’ll be on his right hand, but on some they’ll suddenly switch to his left hand, then go back to his right hand for the next page.


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