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Bit Outside The Loop

Sorry about that guys! I got sideswiped by a stomach bug and it had me out from Friday til Sunday and I was in no condition to do anything. XD;;

But, feeling much better now! Thanks for the well wishes, guys. <3

And now you know what’s kept up Mordred and crew. :D

Yup! She’s here, too. :D

Edit: WaM’ll be up Friday, it’ll just be super late. XD


(is this thing on? *poke poke* I hope this is the same username I used last time…)

C’mon, Mordred, where’s your sense of curiosity? TEN ways? The world wants to know!

…well at least *I* want to know.


Let’s see:

I Love You, I ♡ You, I Love U, I ♡ U, ILU, I Luv You, I Luv U, I L♡ve You, I Love Ya, I ♡ Ya.
(hopefully the heart symbols show up).

10 different ways to spell it(that took longer than it should have xD).


Oh, Mordred, you show-stealer!! Alien crash lands on earth, makes first contact with legendary hero, and who has everyone’s undivided attention?? Mordred, of course, looking like a schizophrenic person again (thanks a lot, Bliss!). Now I’m hungry for cupcakes


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