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Blind Spot


Don’t look at me that way.

Scene change! :D


Uh…should I run now? XD *dashes away cackling madly at switching scenes to our dubious duo*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“B-Movie Show” from The Brave Little Toaster :D


You just love to torture us Lily! Odds are I’m gong to get really Into this scene and right where it is most climatic, you’re going to change again! Genius I say!


Is it wrong that the main thing I get from this page is “Aww Arthur sat up all night with him! Such lovely bros :) ” ?


Handcuffs, how improvised. Guess Arthur didn’t have access to proper restrains. Well either that or Lilly didn’t want to draw all those straps under the bedsheets ;-)


Arthur had better be *VERY* careful. I have the feeling that Sedrick can pick even the best locks in his sleep — or at least when everyone *thinks* that he’s sleeping…


Is Sedrick going to come back to being only slightly-psycopathic loyal servant of Arthur and non-violent dad of Hnaef and his brother? Oh please please please. I missed him so much!


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