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Bliss Is Different

Or Mordred is. One of the two.

But then again, Mordred isn’t your typical Artifact owner, either. Heh~

On Another Note:

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Well, Bliss isn’t manipulative, she’s also less inclined to be destructive. In comparison Grace and Eclat are extremely troublesome. Although Mordred seems less easily influenced than Azrael and Ben anyway, he also seems to be less jealous when someone else (Wiglaf) talks to Bliss.


^ This. Bliss’s personality is completely different from Eclat and Grace. Part of it is, becoming an artifact didn’t change their personalities, and they were controlling overwhelming dominant Type-A personalities BEFORE the cult got them. Bliss is sweet and ditzy, not exactly capable of grasping all the intricacies of the world, and most likely used to be one of those precious little spoiled kids whose parents tried to shield from the world. (And evidently succeeded for the most part.)

Stupidity, ditziness, these are traits Mordred is already accustomed to drowning out. A chipper desire for companionship and conversation is something he gets with Wiglaf, and thus has also become accustomed to that. Bliss doesn’t bring anything to the table he isn’t at least somewhat already used to, and she naturally falls into a position of subordination with only the condition of requiring a small amount of attention. If he notices her and recognizes her once in a while, she’s happy. Grace and Eclat would never be satisfied with so little.


Now then… That raises an interesting query. Does their personality in life affect what artifact they are turned into? It seems reasonable that the artifact they create would reflect their personality. The swords seem to have this fascination with power. Eclat enjoys using his power and seems to get a high off of transforming entities of magic (gates?). Grace also enjoys using his power (When Azzie fights the curling beasts) So maybe, those that have a fascination with strength or power become an item that represents this desire for control of a situation; A weapon, and in this case, a sword. This requires further study.


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