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Bliss Works Fast

I think Mordred was just officially accepted into the family.

Or Wiglaf might be beating down some folks for the insults.

Hmm. Still addicted to minecraft….still loving the new DC 52… I think that’s it for me. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion


~laugh~ Mordred and his magical orb of undressing… as far as most onlookers would guess.

… Is it bad that this exchange just makes me want to make her costume even more?


Snrk. I love how Mordred has to resort to insulting Bliss’ mother. He’s been outsmarted by a floating orb now, has he?


I’d like to point out that her taking his clothes actually shows that she has some kind of physical tangibility to her and their for she can be shown to others… with the proper steps that is. *throws sack of flower*


She did show she could interact with Mordred at least when she did the flying tackle Glomp that lifted him off his feet.

So all she needs to do is the invisible woman routine with makeup, normal clothing, a nice wig and full eye contacts … never forget the contacts else wear sunglasses otherwise creeyville here we come. OH, right, must not forget to make the dress floor length. No pants and definitely no miniskirts. Mini’s are to show off the legs, something in which department she is sorely lacking. (think there is a Python sketch about missing legs in there somewhere)


And this is another exchange where I really REALLY would love to know what someone is saying.
Maybe mouse-over text bubbles? *hint* *hint*


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