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Blue Stage. Blue Wings.

Wiglaf won’t get strangled that easy, thank you. And he always lands on his feet.

Wanted to try something different with the coloring for this one. Not sure if I like how it turned out or not. XD


The “this time I’ve got a new question” word Bubble points in the wrong direction. It looks like that B man is talking.


When the page loaded I thought they had been turned to stone be Camlann. XD Wouldn’t surprise me if he did that. Especially since no one seems ta be paying attention to him.


I kind of like how it looks. The shift in coloring helps to shift the tone. Like Wiglif is about to get serious, and/or things are about to get real!


Boss: “Gonna tear you apart!”

Wiglaf: “Sure, sure…business as usual, I guess…at least it’ll be fun!”



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