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Bonding Gone Wrong

Hey look. Up on time! I’m rocking it. <3

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Closing Time” by Semisonic


First panel: Azzie willing separated himself form Grace?! He never does that, like ever.

Second panel: XDD well that makes more sense. No wonder Grace looks so pissy.

But still, holy crap, he willingly separated himself from Grace. That NEVER happens.


Hmm. What else is stored in that closet? Seems somewhat dangerous if Eclat should come even remotely unbuckled.

(Just caught up. Liliy, you’ve been changing up your style a little bit! It looks really neat!)


From what I’ve observed artifacts can affect each other. So could Éclat effectively “cure” all the artifacts and turn them human again?
And what would happen if Éclat used his power on Gawain? He’s an animated corpse, which is in itself an inanimate objet.


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