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Boredom Saves The Day

…it’s an hour late – but it’s finished. That’s all that matters.

I blame Transformers. Curse you Starscream! Curse you Megatron! Curse you Pr…no. I can’t. Prime’s too awesome to fake curse b/c his awesomeness distracted me from drawing.

Anyway, I really like Horatio’s face in panel two; even if his hair is way, way too poofy.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“One Way Or Another” by Blondie


I just wanted to say that your strip is awesome. You probably already have been told this countless times, but oh well.


While I have so much adoration for Horatio as a whole, his wife wins this strip for me. That’s the exact expression I would have had if I had read that note. But, other than her, Horatio’s awful dedicated, which is admirable, but a tad frightening. I can only imagine this arc not ending well for his wishes. You win a buckle full of lolz, as the kids might say, for the final line. So full of win.


GPS would have been quite the idea, considering how much his hair has grown since.

WaM always makes my days (well, the Su-s, We-s, Fri-s). Thank you so much for it! ^^


Horatio was married? He doesn’t seem the type. And yes, GPS is useful. You’d think he might’ve considered that, but then he does seem to have a very one track mind. XD


I could see how he has a wife.. but it sitll riases the question on who is the master and who is the slave? geoffy? Wiglaf?


I must say… Yay for liliy!

I’m likin Horatio’s wife. And that was a broadcast of the concert wasn’t it?


It says viola in the tags XD Now do I keep missing these things?
And speaking of not seeing things, if Horatio saw Geoffry on TV, wouldn’t he have seen Safir as well?


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