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Both Of You Stop

The truth is it’s because they’re blond. All the blonds have this power. (This information can change at my discretion. LOL).

Edit: Hey guys! I’m going to bed early tonight. :D I’ll see you on Wednesday. Wish my luck with my first week of work at the new job! 

Edit 2: I forgot what working a fully day’s shift was like. Lol. It’s not horrible, but also my little introverted self needs to get back into the swing of dealing with people all day. I am so drained. Then a friend took me out to celebrate first week of job and well. I’m not getting anything done tonight. LOL. I’ll see you on Friday with an update, even if I have to force it. xd 


No, it’s because Wiglaf is perfect at everything (with one exception), and that includes discovering what’s upsetting those around him (ignoring that one exception).

…that one exception is when the source of the problem is too close to him. Be the problem his own being perfect at everything, or an immediate family member of his.


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