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You know the color drill. Distractions + Need for Sleep = Late Color. :meh:

The Bystanders are back. Mwa ha ha. You may recognize them from an earlier airport scene. They let me show off stuff from a third party point of view. Yay!

Hm. Sedrick doesn’t appear to be too happy with Gawain (previously unnamed blonde dude…) there. Hope they sort that out.

Oh oh! You guys – the readers – rock by the way. So far I’ve had 100 responses to the reader survey. I love reading all of the answers and have some things to think about for the site that include:

1) Revamping the Cast Page

2) Possibly starting vote incentives for TWC (or you could just vote…)

3) I forget. I’ll have to reread them. D:

Anyway, I think on Friday I’m going to open up the responses for all you guys to read – because it’s a blast. (And no worries comic owners; I’m hiding the column that shows your site so it will indeed be anonymous…unless people are good guessers…)

Wow. Wordy post today.  Fun stuff.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Smoke” by Natalie Imbruglia


I love the third party visual – so entertaining to watch Sedrick tackle Gawain in the background and for the action *not* being noticed by our bystanders.

Ah Security, is there somewhere you haven’t moonlighted? We love you anyway!


Ha ha, “moonlighting.” XD

Sedrick and Gawain are a bad mix, like oil and water. And poor Arthur looks perplexed by all the conflict. ^_^ It’s good to see another depth perspective with the bystanders watching the action.

Wow, 100 responses is great, Liliy. Glad you liked reading them.


Wow, that’s a lot of responses.

I like how Arthur is turning his back on the fight in the last panel; it made me laugh.

Haha, and thanks for hiding the websites, because that is one thing that can tell everyone who you are. (Or, in my case, give them a fifty-fifty chance of discovering who I am, since there are two authors for my story)



Lol, i didn’t notice Arthur turned his back! I though he just looked own to watch what was happening, but he either must have a weak stomach, or he wants to be able to deny any knowledge of what Sedrick is doing to this poor man and his interferring ways. Go Gawain! (lol)

I’m thinking it’s probably the latter. Yay deniability!


wow, the bystanders got an autograph of azrael. maybe they will also get gawain’s auotgraph


Gawain isn’t anybody special yet, he only just recently has a name at all. Sedrick or Arthur’s autograph however….


:argh: And the time stream continues.

I don’t see the point of autographs! :O It’s like asking your pets to put a paw/fin/wing print in your homework book because you want to catalog all the pets you’ve ever had. It kinda takes away from meeting the person. “Hi! I’m just asking for your autograph so I can brag about it later.” … not really. I just felt like ranting actually.
Great job on the comic. xD


Autographs are proof that you met someone. XD I don’t have many myself; but I do have a few.

Even if most of them are Disney characters from when I was young and visited the park. *cough*


Autographs are cool! They make people jealous :) I myself have three. Christopher Paolini, William Joseph, and John Bytheway (I just realized that all of them are guys…and the first two I had temporary crushes on… >.>)


i like Security’s bouncer outfit, its fun to see him in different clothes from time to time

And why is the girl bystander have such a nice dress on, makes the boy look under dressed in his t-shirt :D


Because it’s a very rare girl that doesn’t know they’re supposed to dress to short-circuit (heterosexual) men’s brains with lust when going to the club… it’s kind of the point.
Boys and men however tend to be more prone to being socially oblivious or instead not acting appropriately as passive-aggressive protest at being dragged somewhere they don’t want to be. There’s other possible reasons why he wouldn’t have dressed up as well but it’s the artist’s role to reveal (or distort) the truth of the matter through good art and dialogue and not have her points stolen, weakened or destroyed by sarcastic commentators (hello!).


Lol, I love the bringing back of random characters that never really seemed to serve a purpose until now. And yay for more Security! :D But what happened between him and Hnaef after the whole bra thing? :(


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