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Boys Will Be Boys

Color in like an hour or so. XD (Ha. Got color up by 12:27. Less than 30 minutes ink to finish. Go me.)

First of all – Go there. Create a character and challange me. It’s fun and I want pupils. *glitter* Much fun to be had.

*cough* Sorry; I’m easily distracted.

Anyway – now you all know what the deal was and where the bra went. Mwa ha ha ha. Two birds one stone.  Huzzah.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai


Ah Grace, you’re such a jerk. XD

I’m curious as to how he got that, exactly… because Svafa almost sounded like she knows where the bra went. Ah~, fun. Yay bras! XD


Perhaps she doesn’t care where it went. After all the Valkyries are under the impression Grace is a delusion of Azrael’s so thus him noticing that she isn’t wearing a bra would make up for losing it.


Simply brilliant, I didn’t see that coming. I laughed heartily. I applaud you.

Also, Grace is a jerk. XD


*Laughing uncontrollably* You really surprised me that time. I definitely didn’t see that coming. It’s perfect!!

I love where Azrael is standing there waiting for Grace to answer and then giving his reaction. And Hnaef’s reaction to Security is priceless. :D


I have just one question, based upon Security’s capabilities.

Did he get that from her while she was wearing it?


Maybe she was going to toss it in the wash and he stole it form the laundry. or off the linne (like if it was hanging out to dry)



-wipes tears away and takes a deep breath-


Ohh, God, Security and Hnaef. I officially love those two one hundred times more than I loved Kamina of Gurren Lagann.

And that is saying something.


Oh please, like any of us couldn’t be convinced to give up our unmentionables for Security’s worthy cause? Wait, did I just type that? Ah well, I stand by it. :lol2:


Making Security use his powers for evil, how naughty of the boy (I know his name, my computer isn’t equipped to spell it correctly)


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