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Break’s Over

So, I hear the line from the new A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer where Freddy/Rorschach says “Why are you screaming? I haven’t even cut you yet.” and I kinda for the first time wanted to see a horror film. Believe it or not but I don’t usually handle movie gore very well so I’ve tended to stay away from the horror genre.

But I really wanna see this movie. So I’ve been prepping myself! I’m working my way through the Freddy movies and I’ve knocked out the first two. Little bothered here and there but that wonderful thing called culture shock helped it from being too scary. XD Wish me luck moving down the list!

On an unrelated note – today’s strip finally bothers me. Having now drawn ductwork (once or twice – I’m in the Electrical section gosh darn it!) into floor plans it occurs to me just how unrealistic these vents are. But I like the idea of Hnæf hanging out in them so much I don’t care. Hurrah!

*pats him* He’s got another friend…hanging around somewhere. *looks for him*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Dream Warriors” by Dokken


Poor Hnæf; several billion channels and nothings on. XD

Hurray for the Nightmare movies! They really aren’t scary anymore; mostly gross at parts, and hilarious once you get into the later ones. Except New Nightmare… that one’s still pretty creepy. I can’t wait for the remake next month.

Excellent choice of lyrics. XD


Draw the vents the way YOU see them. They don’t call it artistic license for nothing.

Btw on a side note, I made a pair of Freddy Kruger gloves for Halloween with “blood” dripping from the tips. Scared the kids nicely.


Heh, I just started reading this comic yesterday, and got to this page yesterday. Great comic. ;]

Ah Hnæf, by far one of my favorite characters. =D Though I still can’t quite figure out how to actually pronounce his name…

Ha-ha, keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what happens next. :)

Also, enjoy your horror movie. xD I tend to watch quite a few horror movies myself, but Nightmare On Elm Street has always been one I kind of avoided. It tends to get a bit more “adult” content then I like. Blood and gore doesn’t bother me but certain ‘other’ content does. :sly:


You and me both. XD A pronunciation guide claims “hnaff” (or “hnaf”). At least it’s not as bad as the Valkyrie sisters and their names. Heh~


Yeah, allot of the names tend to get me confused, trying to figure out how to pronounce them. xD But I still love all their names. :D Speaking of which, how is Valkyrie pronounced? 0_0


Valkyrie is usually “val-keer-eez” in English. As far as their first names go, I’d have to actually go look those up as I haven’t found anything convenient. And at the moment I’m lazy and usually keep myself busy just remembering how to spell their names. XD


Ah, I see. Now I could sit here all day asking how to pronounce certain characters first and last names, but I think I shall spare you of that, sense it sort of wastes time. Ah, you should put how to pronounce their names in the character information sometime. xD Now, I shall leave you to your horror movie watching. >>


Aww, poor Hnaef. :( I hope he gets a new friend soon, I would love to see them. ^^

But don’t think I’ve forgotten during the last arc, where we had a glimpse of epic Security… you still haven’t fully explained his character… for that matter, you hadn’t even explained 10% of him. So, don’t think I’ve forgotten, and I swear, that I will not die before I know Security’s secrets. *epic stare*


What about Security? :| Didn’t he make friends with him? :raisebrow: Love Arthur’s last line there XP

Also, it’s Arthur’s place…vents aren’t supposed to be normal any more than his family is. :lol:


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