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Brynhildr Believes in Safety First

If even one of you read this strip and thought “Sailor Moon,” – my work is complete.

I love Brynhildr’s safety goggles. Ha ha. They’re pink. D:

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“Change the World (Lost Ones”) by Anberlin


New reader.

And to be honest, It wasn’t really ‘Sailor Moon’ that came to my mind. I thought more along the lines of Team Rocket of Pokémon. :lol2:


Then your work is done. Sailor Moon was the first thing to pop into my head. The safety goggles, while a nice touch, also bring up painful memories.


Yay!! New Readers. :D Welcome welcome.

And it’s true, I did watch quite a bit of Pokémon – and Team Rocket were my favs. So I guess that works too. ^^


Hooray for large character portraits! The Valkyries really come through in all their great vindictive glory. :D Brynhildr’s safety goggles are perfect. Pink was just the right color choice for them.

Since Brynhildr is joining her sisters in mounting an all-out attack instead of secretly poisoning Wiglaf’s food, those test tubes she’s holding must contain chemicals for offensive weapons–maybe corrosives, explosives or poison gas. Digging her pose, too, by the way. :)

The blue background you chose definitely does justice to the Valkyries. It gives them an epic, mythic atmosphere.


Oh Lilly, how I love you! :love: :love: This is just what I needed today. It was also nice to have my cameo in EE today as well but this ranks a close second. SM is what started me on my anime/manga adventure. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:


I wish I could say it was my first…but it wasn’t. XD It was a close second though. I remember watching it every morning before going to school. Ha ha. *before got the Cartoon Network* I love you USA. XD

(If you’re curious, Samurai Pizza Cats started my anime/manga spree. XD Followed very closely by Sailor Moon. We’re kin! :D)


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