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Burn, Dude. Oh, Wait. Frozen, Dude.

This boat thing is bringing out the worst in Wiglaf. He really, really does not like them.

It feels weird doing so many strips in a row with just the main characters…haven’t done that since the start of the strip. XD But they really do need a little more screen time despite all the others fending for attention. But thats’ what I get for having a big cast. Tee hee.

Though this little section will be ending shortly – and then we’ll be back with good old Azzy & Gracie. :D

Anyway – some news for you all! WaM now has a Zazzle store. You can find out some more and give a little feedback by checking out this news post. Or you know, checking out the store page. :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Carry On” from Sailor Moon (English Dub by DiC)


Something tells me Wiglaf would appreciate being left behind for once. Hurray for merchandise! I can’t wait for my Galen t-shirt. XD

And excellent lyric choice. XD


Maybe he’s appreciate it, but he doesn’t want Mordred doing something evil behind his back does he?

Maybe he should just provide for his own transportation…


Mordred’s “I can still leave you here” isn’t much of a threat, considering that Wiglaf can probably master any other mode of transportation to head straight home. XD

I like the backgrounds here; they’re pretty zesty. And good work once again on all the different facial expressions.


heheh…Wiglaf would love to be left behind in this case…

And besides, Antartica has blood falls. A baddy would love it there…


Something for Wiglaf to look forward to, he could have saved all those people, instead of the Norwegian cruise ship crew.

Cruise Ship Sinks Off Antarctica
Passenger Vessel First to Go Under in Region; All 154 Aboard Saved

By Monte Reel
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, November 24, 2007
BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 23 — The first cruise ship ever built to ply the frigid waters off Antarctica became the first ever to sink there Friday. The red-hulled M/S Explorer struck ice, took on water as 154 passengers and crew members scrambled to safety aboard lifeboats and rafts, then went to the bottom.

The 38-year-old vessel was in the middle of a 19-day voyage when it sent a distress call early Friday morning after puncturing its hull. A Norwegian cruise ship rescued those onboard nearly two hours after they abandoned ship in subfreezing temperatures.


I’m not sure why, but Mordred wanting to stop by Antarctica reminds me of a story I read a few years ago. It was called “At the Mountains of Madness” by HP Lovecraft.

Actually, having read that story, I have no small curiousity about Lake Vostok…


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