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But It Floats!

There is a good chance that Bliss is still in fact talking.

Mordred might have learned to tune her out by now…possibly.

Hmm. What’s new? Not much. Excited for Nekocon in a month…and October is looking to be as busy as September was. So be prepared for odd Ustream scheduling. XD I’ll try to keep on track if I can.

And I like Mordred’s shirt design. Might make a new Zazzle product for it…instead of you know, that donation wallpaper I started and then b/c it was something I wanted to get done writers/drawers/whatever block slammed into me and says ‘no. you can’t finish this now’ and now I’m rambling.

Ramble. Maybe. Bit hyper tonight. Maybe it’s because I finished WaM before ten for once and got to do another sketch session even if there was only four or five people in the Ustream. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock


that is in fact a really cool shirt design for mordred. Also, Mordred looks very tired in my opinion.


I would be too if I had to listen to Bliss non-stop for 12+ hours.


A new definition of Hell: Trapped with a pushy, motormouth ditz that it’s impossible to shut up or strangle.

I hope this means we’re getting an altered Mordred: A Mordred upgraded with increased violent tendencies and unpredictable craziness that Wiglaf doesn’t have the heart to stop.


wait… where’s Mordred’s scarf?


Me-thinks it is under the pink hard, wrapped over his ears in an attempt to block the constant chatter.

At least now we know what the curse was.
Just thinking of when they were created as set – that means they were stored together at one time – Grace you deserved every moment of it :lol2:


Mordred’s shirt design is great. It’s well-drawn and has good coloring. And I find it very funny that Wiglaf and Mordred attempted to give Bliss away without success. Either word about Bliss has gotten around to too many people, or lots of people are just creeped out by that floating orb (or both). XD


Hahaha looks like Bliss is never gunna leave Mordred, but maybe he could learn to love her like Azzie loves Grace…………Yah not gunna happen anytime soon :P :sly: :)


I still hate RSS, even though I now know why I hate it.

Great comic, by the way, I love Mordred’s shirt and the way the orb is glowing :P


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