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Camlann Can Do Anything…Almost.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a tiny soft spot for hams (*cough Gaston Kevin Flynn Slade Wilson cough*). So, you get Camlann hamming it out and being the good little Deus Ex Machina he’s supposed to be.

Also, a big Happy Birthday to Tamuran! :D Their birthday was yesterday, the 5th, but I can still say it now!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Go the Distance” from Disney’s Hercules


Yay! I was being kind of obsessive and refreshing the page a bunch to figure out what happened and now that it’s happened I can relax until Saturday night when the cycle starts again. ^_^

In other news, Mordred is adorable. *snuggles despite protests*


Ha ha, Camlann shamelessly hams it up in front of everybody and tells the world how utterly awesome he is. XD And he still blames those who gave him too little appreciation while he basks in the glory of his own indescribable magnificence. He’ll probably be boasting for a while. XD


Awwwww Mordred.

…But don’cha think Wiglaf’s gonna be irritated when he doesn’t know where his family or, indeed, the entire population of his village are, and the entire place besides him and Mordred and Bliss are a smoking heap of wreckage…?

…Nah, he’s Perfect, he’ll know. Smell magic on the air or something. B|


or he could actually be injured- he doesn’t have a place in the fight between Arthur and sedrick- who are likely resolving differences already- and with Mordred showing actual concern for him, as well as guilt he might have take care of him as he recovers from broken leg or some other inconvenient injury.


Yes, yes Camlann, we know you’re great and all but WHERE THE HELL IS WIGLAF?! I swear someone will have to melt that sword down and make him into metal coat hangers if Wiglaf isn’t safe.

On another note, mordred’s comments and face in Panel 3: he’s totally bragging about his friend. XD


awwwwww~ Mordred /cares/. Look at that panel…that big giant red panel in which he is extremely worried…..

(love that panel by the by.)


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