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Camlann Can Do That

True confession, I was half asleep when I was drawing and kept getting distracted. It has been a week, let me tell you. I tried to be creative with it, though! So hopefully I succeeded.

I did not want to skip again, so I got something done. That’s a win. Thank you for reading!! I’ll see you on Sunday.

Edit: It is Sunday. I had to drive someone home after D&D so it’s too late to start a comic. Sorry guys! I’ll see you on Wednesday. XD (Plus the power has been flickering all evening from a storm. I’m a little worried the power might go out mid-drawing, too.). 


I guess you could say when it comes to Camlann’s pranks, they can get rather transparent and chromatic at times. ;P


Wiglaf: I know you always keep things close to the chest but I can finally see through you!

Mordred: Just. Fix. This.

Driver over by a suit, ignoring them all: So this is the fabled hard mode shopping.


“LOOK AT ALL THIS POWER I WIELD THAT NONE OF YOU USED!” Camlann is just showing off how OP he’s been all along, like a petty little kid who didn’t get chosen first for team sports. How just like him.


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