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Camlann Can Teleport, Too

Wiglaf and Boss are probably lucky that at least someone spotted them outside. Camlann may have made an arena, but that doesn’t mean he was loud about it.


Grace for once being the person to point out the abnormalities they live with and actually having a right to say “This is not normal”.

I wonder how many centuries it’s been for him to actually be in that kind of a position.

(Eclat’s comment in panel 3 is pretty golden too. And probably is an accurate timeline for my previous thought.)

(Seriously though. BOSS and WIGLAF are having a fight with BRICKS. I get the feeling them chasing each other in circles to Yakety Sax would be LESS strange. (The part about Camlann complaining sounds par for the course in just about any situation, though…))

Random: Do comments allow any kind of tags? (BB, html, etc) for formatting? Or just plain text?


It’s plain text, or at least I’d consider it that. A little html works, but you’re likely to get caught in the spam filter.


Dang. So probably no way for emphasis or bold or anything like that except for just using allcaps. Oh well.


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