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Camlann Can’t Override That

I’m pretty sure I’m retconning power levels by making Security momentarily stronger, but I wanted the joke so I got it. :P

Edit: Sorry guys, I’m feeling kinda “blah” after a stressful day. Gonna sit and crochet some doll clothes and chill. I even skipped my usual friend meet up (though to be fair, she’s busy playing Baulder’s Gate lol). I hope you all are having a good week! See you Friday!

Edit 2 (8/11): I had a personal emergency pop up. A friend was having a rough spot and needed some support, so unfortunately I’m just now getting home after ten and I’m ready to drop. Been a long evening and I don’t have it in me to be creative. Gonna’ veg with some Youtube and pass out in an hour or so. I’ll see you on Sunday.


It honestly depends. See, Security probably is weaker in a straight up fight. But if he’s stronger in certain specialty areas, such as breaking spells that forcibly adjust normalcy in an area, then it both fits his job description of Security and gives a plausible explanation as to how it happened.

Basically,I’m suggesting is that what Camlann was doing by making everything white/clear was the equivalent of pushing a boulder up a steep hill with his powerful lever (magic). And then Security came along with a much, comparatively, weaker lever and used it just right that the boulder escaped the stronger lever and returned to it’s original position.


Huh, I forgot Security has an… “odd” sense of humor. Is there anyone he doesn’t use it on? Like, maybe, Madame Garrott?


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