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Camlann Certainly Never Forgets

Just in case you were wondering what the other two were doing.

So tired. XD Field work isn’t horrible but it is exhausting when you’re not used to running around for eight hours instead of sitting at your desk. And three days in a row.

Passing out now~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“It’s Gonna Be Me” by N’Sync


But Gawain, then you’ll lose your bargaining tool! …just might be worth it, though.
Oh… If it does make him shut up, then does it also cancel the “only pure people can pick him up” rule?


You should post the text so I can read it better, rofl. It’s annoying reading and then getting cut off by the picture/edge of the comic :<
"He could be blasting his enemies down with fireballs but no."
Actually Wiglaf…why AREN'T you using that handy little ability we didn't even know about till now?


I doubt posting the rest would help….XD Just because I thought an entire sentence doesn’t mean I wrote it…heh.


Okay, curiosity is biting me now: How much text have you got for Camlann rambling on Liliy, and do you put in a fresh batch each time?
Also, is he ever going to try different (less ineffective) tactics of getting the humanoids to recognize his due status?


Um, the third panel is 359 words. And yesh~ I come up with those on the fly each time even if they are a teeny bit repetitive~

That forth panel is just “blah blah blah” over and over with a few words inserted for kicks.

I doubt it. Camlann can’t do much BUT talk when he’s on his own.


If he’s supposed to be a gimmick character that whines every time he shows up then that’s what he is. That said, his whining getting flat-out ignored has happened enough times he should have started learning by now that people tend to ignore him when he does that.

Unless Camlann really is that stupid….


For some reason I really love how Hagen looks in that last panel. :)

Oh yeah, and lulz for Camlann’s rants, as always. :lol: Trying to read them with characters in the way and the text going off screen is a little difficult though. :P


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