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Camlann Gets Lonely

The truth is, Camlann doesn’t even sleep. Or doesn’t need to. He does it voluntarily because he can. Ha ha ha.


Huh, guess even in human form a sword is a sword. They always want to be next to their wielder. Even if they’re mad at them.

Huh, I wonder where Lake went?

Perhaps she will sleepwalk into Camlann’s bed and be all clingy. Camlann did say she held him before when they were both a sword and lake! XD


Just wanted to pop in a say I love WAM! I’ve been lurker reading for years.

That first panel of Camlann makes me want to cosplay him.


It’s been gradually getting more and more obvious, but now it’s so apparent I can’t help but wonder: Damn, Camlann, when did you get so tsundere?

“I just don’t like to sleep alone. And there are two beds anyways. It’s not like I like you or anything!”


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